Wandsworth Art Curated: Susannah Nathanson

September artist of the month, Susannah Nathanson, was invited to share with us her top Wandsworth Art Profiles for our October Wandsworth Art programme –

My name is Susannah Nathanson. I am a Wandsworth based figurative artist specialising in oil on canvas paintings and digital painting and illustration. My work mainly focus on storytelling still lives of vintage toys and portraits celebrating different types of performers, including street mimes and dancers.  

My approach to selecting my favourite artist profiles from the Wandsworth Art website was informed by my personal love of narrative and a desire to be emotionally engaged by art. The following artists were chosen for the quality of craftmanship in the handling of their chosen mediums, the emotional impact their work had on me and their originality and clarity of purpose.  

Tammy Mackay – Tammy’s prints and drawings are stunningly executed with a real sensitivity for form and texture. I find her subjects, often animals, are full of mystery and introspective poetry.  

Nur Tucker – Nur’s equine photographs have an epic, almost mythic quality to them. She brings out the magnificent beauty of horses, celebrating the power and poetry of their form through a masterly handling of light, shadow, and texture.  

Iain Selwyn-Reeves – Iain’s artworks have an iconic quality to them, taking photography and adding a striking graphic design twist. The results are strong and enduring images of well-loved London sites and structures partnered with playful blocks of colour.  

Rachel Hunt – Rachel’s unique graphic style transforms local sights into beautifully crafted illustrations. Her compositions and colours are elegant and carefully considered with a distinctly architectural flair. 

Birgitte Sheard – Birgitte’s abstract pastel landscapes and seascapes are full of mood. Each piece is a unique tapestry of colours and textures. 

Jan Shand – Jan’s landscapes are playful energetic explorations of colour and texture. Semi abstract in nature, each packs a joyful punch to the senses.  

Stella Tooth – Stella’s paintings instantly struck a chord with me and my love of performers. Her colourful, dynamic artworks capture the quirky nature of these individuals and the energy of their performances.  

Christopher Michael ‘Mike’ Hawthorne – I felt with Christopher Michael’s work that I was in the presence of a real original. He is an artist who has mastered their medium and developed a striking, graphic style which can powerfully tell a story. 

Cliff Pearcey – Cliff’s sculptures combine found objects in quicky unexpected ways. His artworks are both clever, fun and at times beautifully comic.  

Henrietta Stuart – Henrietta’s coastal paintings are full of drama, mood and light. They have a Turneresque quality to them, where form dissolves into beautiful harmonies of colour and tone.