Public Liability (Insurance) and Risk Assessment

Each Open House is individually responsible for the safety of its visitors. This means that you must have public liability insurance cover to take part, and should undertake an assessment of risks and hazards. It is very important that you take both of these steps so that you are protected if anything adverse should happen to one of your visitors. Contact us if you need help with your risk assessment.

If you are not  already insured, the best way to do so is through the a-n AIR programme. AIR – Artists’ Interaction & Representation – is a membership scheme for practising visual and applied artists that provides a range of professional benefits as part of the artist subscription with a-n The Artists Information Company. All UK based a-n+AIR subscribers receive £5m public liability cover for free. For more information visit http://www.a-n.co.uk/air ; or call 0191 241 8000. Price from £30.


Opening times

You must commit to being open at the advertised times. Not doing so reflects poorly on the event as a whole. Venues should be open to the public from 11am to 6pm on both the Saturday and Sunday. The first weekend is mandatory. You can choose if you are open on the second weekend as well.  Clarity and consistency about opening days and times help visitors effectively plan their visits.



It is important to get feedback from visitors to your studio so that you can learn and improve from the experience.  We will want to hear about it too and will send you a link to an evaluation survey before the event to feedback key points of information to us. Please make sure you commit to returning this survey. We will collate the outcomes and share them with all participating artists.


Cancellation and deadlines

Please note that cancellations before 10 July will receive a full refund minus £5 admin fees. Any cancellation after this date will not be refunded and the content might still be publicised on the printed material but not on the online listing.

All deadlines are final. Payments must be made by no later than 26 June 2017. After this deadline you will not be able to buy more listing spaces. The listing deadline of 10 July is the final date that information about your open house will be accepted for inclusion in the printed materials. After that date no content for the printed material will be received or amended. If no content has been upload on this date, Wandsworth Council Arts Team reserve the right to cancel the registration without refund or to send to print the publicity material without this content.


Printed Listings

Please note that the copy you provide will be used to go into the printed listings.  We will not be proof checking your copy and are not responsible for checking grammar, content, etc. Note that we reserve the right to make changes to copy if necessary to fit space and to fit within council guidelines.