Wandsworth Art Curated: Councillor Sutters

To launch the Wandsworth Art Curated section of the website, Councillor Steffie Sutters, Cabinet member for Community Services and Open Spaces, was invited to share with us her top Wandsworth Art Profiles –

Cllr Sutters image

Although we haven’t been able to take to the streets and wander around our lovely Borough this month, we have been able to celebrate you, our wonderful artists in Wandsworth via Wandsworth Art. It has been a pleasure to look through all the profiles and when tasked with selecting only 10 profiles to highlight as my ‘curated picks’ it was incredibly difficult – there’s so much creative talent in Wandsworth! 

But here goes, my current favourites (though this does change daily) in no particular order: 

Carlos Gabriel Gonzalez Guidote – 3 year old Carlos, what a delight! And so wonderful to see our young people’s creativity celebrated on the site. Hopefully Carlos will inspire other families to share their children’s artworks too. 

Louise Gillard – Louise’s celebration of our open spaces is wonderful. She’s also one of the artists we’ve featured on the Arding and Hobbs windows as part of our Framed project. 

Kay Rufai – A project full of joy, S.M.I.L.E-ingBoys, was recently displayed around Nine Elms as was by Kay, an artist who encourages us to use arts to better our wellbeing, and this project is a great example.  

Monica Tong – I love all types of artform, and that includes craft.  Monica’s ceramics are simply beautiful. 

Nur Ali Sheikh – Nur’s geometric forms within their paintings are full of energy and excitement and inspired by their African and Indian heritage. 

Iain Selwyn-Reeves – That photograph of Battersea Power Station! Such a creative mix of classic photography and pops of colours – such lively work by Iain. 

Jan Wilczur – I can’t believe these are paintings, so delicate and detailed, they look like misty photographs. Beautiful pieces by Jan.  

Ken McCalla – I remember seeing images of Ken’s work from last year’s Wandsworth Artist Open House. Such a wonderful use of colour and a celebration of these people and their emotions in these portraits.  

Krystal Wong – These graphic images highlight the colour and fun that can be found in Wandsworth.

Tracey Downing – Finally, a little painted abstraction, familiar shapes and textures we may see every day made into painting memories and poetry by Tracey.