Type: Creative Producer


Creative Producer

Amber Jarman-Crainey

Wandsworth Town

Amber Jarman-Crainey is a Wandsworth based Choreographer, Movement Director and Storyteller. Amber has held key creative roles in many movement/multimedia focused works including; Award winning ‘TERMINUS’ (currently showing in film festivals across Europe), Clamber (Presented…

Creative Producer

Robert Silver


The designer maker, Robert Silver makes pottery tableware. He trained as a thrower but says that what he really enjoys is constructing his pots, using traditional handcraft techniques such as throwing, slabbing and dipping glazes…

Creative Producer

Akrasi Boutique


Inspired by 50/60’s African fashion nostalgia, yet quintessentially British with a London accent, akrasiboutique produce unique hair and clothing accessories that are quirky, classic and stylish.  Akrasi is a zero waste design boutique, sourcing distinctive…

Creative Producer

Amata Benedict


Amata Benedict is a gallery, framers and artist collective workshop. They design and make original objects that breakdown the boundaries between art and the functional. Using a wide range of materials and processes including painting,…