Celebrating extraordinary arts and culture in Wandsworth and the people who make it happen

Wandsworth Art connects the borough's art lovers with the vibrant wealth of creative talent they didn't know was on their doorsteps. It’s also a chance to have your say in the new ten-year Wandsworth Art and Culture Strategy that’s currently in development.

Artist of the month

Rosie Gibbens makes performances, videos and sculptures that use absurdity to explore gender performativity, consumerist desire and their overlaps.


Framed: celebrates our local creative talent by exhibiting their work on shop windows and lampposts around Wandsworth.

Wandsworth Creatives

Wandsworth Creatives is a series of short films that profile people working in creative careers in the borough of Wandsworth and explores their role, how they got there and what skills you need to succeed.


Discover the artists, designers, cultural organisations, projects and groups that make up Wandsworth's creative scene.


Discover more about Wandsworth, its creative sector, history and future in our Journal.


Through our Spotlight series we learn more about local artists, both historical and current day.