Weaving Out Waste

Following the success of Single Use Planet (2023) and A Place to Call Home (2022), Weaving out Waste is a new collaborative art project for Wandsworth Primary Schools, facilitated by Wandsworth Council and the Royal College of Art, and led by artist Caroline Lauvetz.

Reclaiming fabrics to weave a textile river

During February and March 2024, children in years 4 & 5 from up to 40 primary schools will create artworks exploring the impact of textile waste on the planet. Following artist-led teacher training, each class will create a woven piece for a collaborative exhibition which will open to the public in Spring 2024, alongside a programme of creative workshops for visitors.

The project’s inspiration is drawn from Wandsworth’s rich history of textile manufacturing along the Wandle River. We will see each pupil practicing weaving techniques on Wandsworth-sourced reclaimed fabrics to create their individual and unique piece of cloth. Across the borough, each participating pupil’s upcycled, woven cloth will be joined together to create a textile river. Our pupil-built river will flow through an exhibition space in Wandsworth, referencing the Wandle’s historic textile manufacturing and today’s polluted rivers worldwide.

Through the project pupils will learn about the life cycle of a garment to understand the environmental impact of the current industrial systems in the fashion industry and discover sustainable methods of consuming and manufacturing clothing. As well as this environmental education, pupils will develop their creative skills such as drawing, sketching, cutting, weaving, and creating patterns with colours.

Image of artist Caroline Lauvetz

Artist Caroline Lauvetz was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S.A. Now graduating from the Royal College of Art (RCA) with her Masters in Fashion Design (Knitwear), Caroline has decided to remain in London, feeling that there is still so much left of this city to be explored. Through her time at the RCA, she has developed into a multidisciplinary artist exploring the commodification of nature and building systems of circularity within the fashion industry. Caroline believes that we are all co-heirs to this earth, and as such, we must all do our part.

Caroline said, ‘When exploring topics of textile waste and circular systems of fashion, the narrative can often seem quite daunting and impossible. This project will navigate these heavy topics in an engaging and optimistic way. We will explore how our individual and communal impact can lead to a happier, healthier environment; this won’t be just a tail of caution, but a tail of courage, commitment, and community!’

Wandsworth Council has created an environment and sustainability strategy that includes an action plan to tackle climate change in the borough. Find out more about our ambitions to become a Carbon Neutral Council by 2030, a Net Zero Borough by 2043 and how you can get involved here: Climate change – Wandsworth Borough Council


If your Primary school is based in Wandsworth and would like to take part please complete this form no later than 21st January. Weaving Out Waste Expression of Interest Form.


The project will start with a CPD for teachers led by the project’s artist, Caroline Lauvetz. In the session you will be introduced to the project’s education pack, the art skills pupils will develop and taught how to create the final art piece for the exhibition. 

A CPD session will be run  16:30-18:00. There will be two CPD sessions being run at different venues to ensure that as many people can attend as possible. All participating teachers, or at least one per school should book on to one of these sessions. The content of both sessions will be the same. You only need to attend one session.