Mark Lukas Poischbeg

Area: Putney

Type: Artist / Individual

Art form: Dance, Performance, Photography

"Queer New York"
"Queer New York"

Biography / Artist statement

Lukas Poischbeg (he/him) is German/American performer, teaching artist, and educator born and raised in Seattle, USA.

Lukas has trained in musical theatre and dance for the past ten years with an array of accredited organisations, including six years of intensive MT training. He received an Associate‘s Degree in Arts & Sciences before studying at the University of Washington, where he received a Bachelor‘s Degree in Dance & Education, Communities, and Organizations. Professional performance credits include Disney‘s Newsies (Village Theatre), Legally Blonde in Concert (Showtunes Theatre Company), and EQUALUX (A Sensible Theatre Co.), among others. Most recently, Lukas has performed as a Cruise Dancer and Dancer/Singer for Phoenix Reisen and CMV.

As an educator, Lukas has taught students from all ages in all disciples of dance and theatre. He has worked with companies sich as Backstage Dance Studio, The Dance School, Village Theatre KIDSTAGE, Everett High School & Seattle‘s Performers, of which his co-direction won an award at the 2019 Junior Theatre Festival in Sacremento, CA.

He believes every student deserves the opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive environment. When we learn to take risks and express ourselves in front of others we develop valuable life skills beyond theatre or dance. ”I view my role as a mentor and instructor as one of uncovering, activating, and nurturing my students’ own mental elaborations of knowledge. I monitor and guide their own thinking and learning to help them grow in their capacity.“

Lukas is currently perusing an MFA in Dance & Embodied Practice at the University of Roehampton.

Why do you love Wandsworth?

I love the greenery, the people, and the amazing walking paths!