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Kate Pellegrini

I make pictures in order to connect with people. My work is a fusion between a direct response to my surroundings, emotional and observational, and my state of mind about the subject; visualising them is how I focus and make sense of what I think, feel and see. I've exhibited in many galleries and art fairs over thirty years. My most recent work is a response to the environmental crisis of climate change, and our relationship to our home planet.

My painting style has developed gradually, using a variety of media including oil and acrylic paint, ink and watercolour. Chalk pastel, charcoal and collage techniques are often used to generate ideas and clarify elements of a composition that may inform larger paintings. Mixed media works often incorporate found objects or materials and are finished works in their own right. I have been exploring obscure text in expressive gestural painting most recently, which gives a huge range of options and also explains the meaning of the work. The representational work draws on my architectural training. The images are generated by making drawings and taking photographs on location of interiors, views or scenes, most recently in the UK, Europe and my native Australia. The work is a layering of building and landscape motifs, and the factual information is used to develop ambiguous spatial relationships, in order to reflect the way I see. The paintings rely heavily on drawing, and also incorporate my memory of being there. I am trying to distil just what I saw and how I felt at the time, and editing out the irrelevant material, as the way we perceive is highly selective; what is left behind is in my representational work.

The abstract paintings are sometimes based on poems or memories that have moved or inspired me by the imagery evoked in the language. The poetry provides the springboard for my work. The work ranges from large, door-sized, stretched and unframed canvases, featuring impasto oil paint to small postcard-sized watercolours. The actual motifs are drawn from my imagination, in response to a written word, image or memory.

Putney Arts Theatre, Ravenna Road
SW15 6AW

website: https://www.katepellegrini.com

email: kate@katepellegrini.com

telephone: 020 8788 6943


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