Wandsworth Art Curated: RCA

The Royal College of Art (RCA) is pleased to have several current and past students featured on Wandsworth Arts Profiles. Here we explore some of those RCA students living, working and studying in Wandsworth.

Firstly to feature our Wandsworth Art Takeover Day artists / those featured in the Wandsworth Art Season 2020:

Abhaya Ranji – find out more about the project, Everyday Landmarks, here

Matthew Dowell and Snyder Moreno Martin, along with Abhaya, have done interviews about how artists are adapting, innovating and reimagining during Covid-19 that you can watch here

Riya Patel and Qize Zhu – find out more about their project, Climate Portal, here

Olivia Twist – read their Wandsworth Art Curated profiles here (goes live 5 Oct 2020)

We have also had the pleasure of working with Wandsworth recently on their Arts and Culture Strategy workshops with students creating visual minutes. Read about the visual minutes here and see more from three of the artists below:

Siddhi Gupta

siddhi image

Jiazhen Cai

Eva Oosterlaken

Wandsworth Art Profiles also features some more brilliant RCA talent:

Adalberto Lonardi

JiaJia Zeng

Frances Richardson


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