Wandsworth Art Curated: Olivia Twist

Artist, Olivia Twist, was invited as part of Wandsworth Art to curate a selection of her favourite profiles which included artists and local organisations. Here’s her curated list:

olivia image

I am an Illustrator, Arts Facilitator and Lecturer with an MA in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art. The key threads which can be found in my work are place, the mundane and overlooked narratives. I love all things community so that has been one of the key drivers in my reasoning behind my selections for Wandsworth Art. Portraiture and Colour are the other things I am captivated by so I have really searched for exciting visual languages and fresh uses of colour.

Alex Lambert – Lambert does a great job at simply capturing real life – her photos exude with honesty and warmth, the images are made up of joyful tones and most importantly the shop owners brimming with pride

alex image

Ken McCalla – McCalla’s selection of painting’s of Black revolutionaries are truly inspiring, the portrait of Marcus Garvey is particularly eye catching. A stunning use of colour can be seen edge to edge and McCalla’s strokes are energetic and tender.

ken image

Chukwudi Enyiorji – It is clear to see how imaginative this young artist is, a real critical eye is emerging and we can see how closely studied the manga greats. Chukwudi definitely has a promising future in the arts.

chukwudi image

Roger Caseley – Trance-like pieces that toe the line between nostalgia fluorescent signage and a fusing of coloured pigment during holi festival.

roger image

Siddhi Gupta – Intricate illustration and brilliant use of composition demonstrated in all images. Playful undertones through selection of colour and characterisation.

siddhi image

Meet & Make Spaces – The dedicated community focus at a grassroots level is vital for times such as these. Meet & Make are truly invaluable.

make image

S.M.I.L.E-ing Boys Project – This project is absolutely heartwarming and is a beautiful way to  highlight communal worth. The photos are both striking and timeless.

smiling boys image

Amanda Ward –  ‘Stepping Out After Lockdown’ is an extremely quirky sculpture and it successfully encapsulates the giddy joy we will all feel when we are able to step out in full confidence and abandon.

amanda image

World Heart Beat Music Academy It is great to see lives being changed through music from such early ages, seeing that genres taught reflect the diversity of the borough is really exciting, empowering and close to my heart.

world heart beat image

Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees – The true power of community is harnessed through WWR group making the borough feel more like home for all.