Laetitia Algalarrondo Ahmed

Area: Battersea

Type: Artist / Individual

Art form: Art, Craft, Textiles

The Mystic Maiden Mother
The Mystic Maiden Mother

Biography / Artist statement

Lætitia is known as Tiah or Heartmade by umm Z&i on social media. She is an « High-Functioning » autistic hijabi artist inspiring and giving visibility to Muslim Women in Art through mix media, journaling & textile artworks. Advocate to improve mental health through artistic self expression especially when it’s hard to express through speech. She went to fashion design school in France but discovered later that textile was not only made for clothing or household linen but she could play and make lots of visual Art with fabrics. And the adventure began with the pandemic… She plans to set up an nonprofit organimation « The Arty-Crafty Muslim club » workshops for Muslims kids & women to promote aniconic Art and encourage creativity exploring different techniques.

Associated with: « South London Artmosphere » collective (Wandsworth /Lambeth)

Why do you love Wandsworth?

It’s a nice borough to live. What not to love about Wandsworth ?