Kitty Martin

Area: Southfields

Type: Artist / Individual

Art form: Performance, Poetry

Kitty Martin
Kitty Martin

Biography / Artist statement

Kitty Martin is an actor, theatre maker, poet and communications coach. Captivated by the twists and turns of language, the recurring themes in her work explore moments of connection, conversation and the blurring of boundaries.

Her company, Secret Platform Theatre, was commissioned to perform 'EVERYTHING STOPS FOR TEA', a quirky, immersive, theatrical experience for WAF 2017. Watch the trailer at and see why audiences described it as: “Marvellously inspired… Wonderful… Heartwarming idea… Delightful to share stories over tea… Comforting, fun, cosy, hilarious... A TEAlicious frolicSTORY!”

Kitty enjoys helping people feel comfortable and confident when presenting, public speaking or reading poetry out loud. She is a co-founder of Poets Anonymous, a writers’ collective offering creative development, community and a forum to workshop poetry in progress.

Associated with: Secret Platform Theatre (& freelance)

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