Area: Battersea

Type: Organisation

Art form: Art, Craft, Drawing, Painting

Founder of GLuegang
Founder of GLuegang

Biography / Artist statement

Aggie is a Reggio Emilia inspired art lover, photographer, and the founder of GlueGang. She is passionate about encouraging creative exploration in young children to raise creative thinkers who see other points of view, take risks, envision solutions, embrace diversity, value art and aesthetics, and innovate. Aggie believes that everyone is born creative and that providing a space and some materials for children to explore and create can help them grow up feeling comfortable with mistakes, finding multiple solutions to a problem, and never losing touch with their creative side. Through her workshops, Aggie hopes to create a space that inspires young and old to be creative, think outside the box, and go for their dreams while strengthening bonds between parents and children, enabling healthy self-expression, and boosting self-esteem in kids.

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