Anna Maria Espsater (aka AM Hellberg Moberg)

Area: Wandsworth Common

Type: Artist / Individual

Art form: Photography, Poetry, Writer

Anna Maria Espsäter
Anna Maria Espsäter

Biography / Artist statement

Anna Maria Espsäter is a multilingual writer based in Wandsworth since 2005. Her career and travels have taken her to 96 countries to date. She has worked on 25+ books for a variety of publishers (Footprint, Berlitz, Michelin and others) and her 450+ features have been published in the UK, US, Australian, Dutch and Swedish press.

In addition to her written work, she gives talks and lectures at travel shows, private functions and in schools, accompanying the talks with her own travel photography from worldwide locations.

After penning her first creative non-fiction book in 2015, Anna Maria began branching out into fiction and poetry. Writing under the pen name AM Hellberg Moberg she has published five works of fiction: three illustrated hardbacks for a younger readership and two short story collections for adults. She writes in English, Swedish and Spanish.

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Why do you love Wandsworth?

Close to two rivers, with wonderful green spaces and a good vibe.