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Open Houses 2017 - Installation


Warren Estate Agent 194 Upper Richmond Road Putney , SW15 2SH

Nicky Crowther

Rare vintage toys sourced and curated as stories or collections. For children and adults alike.

An exhibition of 3D installations for toy enthusiasts. Vibrant and playful, the exhibiton encourages everyone to find their inner child. Please bring your children.

Open first weekend only



89 St John\'s Drive On the Henry Prince Estate Earlsfield , SW18 4UW

Homeostasis/ Metamorphosis

Dr Polley presents Madeleine and friends as harbingers of change, creators and celebrators of life!

Open both weekends



8 Twilley Street, SW18 4NS

Abigail Lipski

A garden space is transformed into an imaginary landscape.

Open both weekends



Flat 2 45 Earlsfield Road, SW18 3DB

Designer and Maker

Purpose built bespoke carpentry; vintage domestic objects and furniture restoration; one off artwork pieces sold and commissions for artwork accepted

Open both weekends



Greyswood Art 80 Greyswood Street, SW16 6QN

Greyswood Art

Print works for a digital world. Unique personal pictures and portraits created to order Artworks can be inspired by pets, family or important places Gallery of distinctive ready-to-hang artwork also available

Open both weekends