OPEN HOUSES 2019 - Battersea/Nine Elms

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Printmaker Mike Hullis

Battersea/Nine Elms


Mike Hullis is interested in the beauty created through decay and the wearing down that belongs to the natural order; the decline into disorder and apparent randomness; the transition and degeneration into nothingness in the natural world. His work studies the dynamic forces beyond the control of man: the beauty of the transition of mountains into sand and the results of the geophysical forces that are nature's work.

Mike tries to translate his emotional response to these great and often unseen forces, such as the magnetic effect of the moon on the ocean’s tides and the wearing down that takes place where the land meets the sea - a mostly uncontrolled space where nature is raw and supreme.

His early work was in clay, a material that is literally of the earth and one that allows for spontaneity. From making mud pies as a child, it has always given him immense satisfaction to touch and manipulate this material. Over the last few years his practice has evolved through drawing with pencils and graphite powder, to more recently an exploration concentrated on mono typing, its randomness and the opportunity it affords to experiment with colour.

It was a visit to the wilderness of the Suffolk coast that reconnected him with the breathtaking and absorbing vastness of a place where nature is in control and where we are bit players on the edge. He reimagines his emotional response to being in this space by working with simple materials, sometimes collecting debris from the beach to inform, often using it in the work in a subliminal way.

Education and Experience: 1974-75 Ipswich School of Art Foundation Course 1975-78 Bristol Polytechnic School of Art and Design BA (Hons) Ceramics 1979-80 Assistant technician, City of London Polytechnic Sir John Cass School of Art 1981-82 Senior technician, ditto 1981-83 Goldsmiths College MA Fine Art 1982-83 Part-time lecturer, Sidcup Arts Centre 1982-84 Part-time lecturer, Sir John Cass School of Art

Exhibitions: 1982 British Crafts Centre, Big Pots Exhibition 1982-83 Design and production work for artists in London 1983 Woodlands Art Gallery London, Paintings, Sculpture, Objects and Videos 1983 Mixed show of Acme studio artists, The Showroom, London 1983 British Crafts Centre, in-store promotion Harvey Nichols, London Pots for plants and flowers 1983 Westminster Gallery, Boston, U.S.A 2017 Exhibition of drawings, The Lodge, London 2017 Bankside Gallery, London, Monotype Masters 2018 San Mei Gallery, Bristol at 40

8 Rushleigh, 32 Thurleigh Road, SW12 8UE
Ania Kalacinska

Battersea/Nine Elms


Nine Elms-based artist Ania Kalacinska enjoys creating art for her local community, working with mixed materials, illustration, oil painting and collage. The works will be displayed on notice boards around Nine Elms.

See other boards at:
Clondell Road (where meets Thessaly Rd), SW8 4JA
Battersea Park Road (under the railway bridge opposite Battersea Dogs & Cats Home), SW8 4BX

Nine Elms Noticeboard, Bourne Valley Wharf (opposite US Embassy), SW8 5DF
Intimate Traces – Kelly Mosquera

Battersea/Nine Elms


A series that depicts the emergence of alter egos within music artists like Jhene Aiko and Jermaine Cole. The study of the two is the foundation of the subject topic, where I begin to explore the reasoning behind the existence of alter egos and how they are used in extending themselves rather than in replacement of themselves.

Looking at lyricism has been crucial in trying to create the sound pictures these music artists paint for us. My work returns to what it once was, a form of self-expression, the same way music holds its value too. Social attitudes also hold a purpose in my work with such lack of appreciation and attention music is given in depth.

Michelangelo and Bill Viola are a major influence in exploring such sensitive aspects of life and projecting these through intimate drawings, film and projections. Roberto Ferri’s influence comes from his strong references and symbols within his paintings.

I am considering the delicacy of graphite on paper, removing the idea of impermanence, along with sculpture, and the intimate connection held between the maker and sitter. As well how sculptures/statues made from stone become delicate, there lays a sense of time with consideration to the process of works by hand.

Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art,, SW11 4AN
Emily Galton

Battersea/Nine Elms


Screen print designs, cards and silk scarves based on abstract water designs.

52 Jedburgh Street, SW11 5QB
CANCELLED: Ceramics and Seascape (now showing at Putney School of Art and Design)

Battersea/Nine Elms


Cancelled: Clare will now be showing her work at Putney School of Art and Design on both Sundays. Clare Frankl-Bertram retired from running her own architectural practice to move back to her first love: ceramics. Triggered by an increasing desire to have a hands-on engagement with the stuff of making, her work seeks to use the memory, strengths and vulnerabilities of clay to embody ideas of place and displacement.

“Hand building alongside throwing allows me to slowly find the form of each piece which comes from this process of space making and exposure. The pieces on show are a mix of sculptural and utilitarian works, which lie on the edge of functionality.”

1 Kite Yard, Cambridge Road, SW11 4TA
Sue Rowling

Battersea/Nine Elms


Sue is a painter and printmaker. She specialises in unique mono silkscreen prints with hand-painted elements.

Sue has exhibited in many galleries, including The National Theatre, Oxo Gallery, The Mall Galleries, the Royal College of Art and the Menier Gallery. Her work is held in many private and public collections, notably The Royal Bank of Scotland, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Croydon University Hospital and St Georges Hospital. Sue's work is on permanent display at Greenwich Printmakers Gallery.

52 Bracken Avenue, SW12 8BH
Local Paintings and Handmade Jewellery

Battersea/Nine Elms


Louise Gillard is back with a large selection of paintings, prints and drawings of the local area, London landmarks and Cornwall. Paintings of Northcote Road, Clapham and Wandsworth Commons, Battersea Park, the Thames, central London and the Cornish coastline will be on view, as well as works on paper, board and canvas. Prices start at £50. Commissions taken for Christmas!

Gabriela Vergara returns with her covetable, handmade jewellery. Gabriela is a talented jeweller who makes all of her statement precious stone necklaces in her studio in Clapham.

We look forward to meeting all our visitors. Refreshments will be available. Families welcome!

8 Hillier Road, SW11 6AU
India Amos

Battersea/Nine Elms


India is a full-time artist working from her studio in South West London. She trained and taught at London Fine Art Studios for a total of nine years and has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and America. India is currently working towards a solo show in November 2019 at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle.

15 Eversleigh Road, SW11 5UX
Sam Cottington

Battersea/Nine Elms


Sam's practice involves processes of visual and archival research that are contextualised in relationship to histories of collage and assemblage. Sam collages across various mediums and techniques to explore the complex critical moods and specificities of queer, its pasts and present, in order to afford alternative futures and ways of living.

The series of works shown at WAOH is titled ‘Lovers’, which refers to the shifting language used to describe queer intimacies and public identities in the 1970s at intersection with anti-capitalist ways of living. The terms ‘lover’ and ‘lovers’ emerged as critical alternatives to gender normative and conservative notions of boyfriends/ girlfriends, husbands/wives.

Sam's collages explore how archives afford and represent historical intimacies, while attempting to afford the fluidity and experimentation of 70s sexualities sensorially.

Dyson Gallery Royal College of Art , SW11 4AN
Anna Woodward

Battersea/Nine Elms


Anna Woodward's work explores the subject of transcribing Greek mythological classical paintings while using her unique style of working. She is interested in and inspired by Greek mythology for its dramatic tales, rich in detail and extravagances.

Within her practice, she is interested in the colouring of these classical paintings and the structure. She works in breaking down the formal qualities through the use of colourblocking in watercolour; this helps the image to become abstracted. From here, she works back into the painting, defining detail in her own patterned style. Watercolour and oil layers are added to create a complex maze of shapes, juxtaposing transcription and decorative surface painting. Anna strives to create the feeling that the painting is taking over the image.

In the summer of 2019, Anna Woodward set up Artisan Space in Putney. Artisan Space is an artist-run gallery space located in the basement of Artisan and Vine, an artisan wine shop and deli on the Lower Richmond Road. Artisan Space is managed and curated by Anna, who is currently studying her BA Fine Art degree at City and Guilds London Art School and lives in Putney. Through the space, Anna hopes to curate shows featuring a wide range of artists, who vary in working style and age, and host a range of classes for artists of all abilities. The aim is to grow the artistic community within SW15 and to the wider areas. Artisan Space also offers a fantastic space for phenomenal private views; with the combination of the wide selection of boutique wines available, artists are able to take the opportunity to showcase their work in a more affordable and accessible way.

Artisan and Vine has a wide selection of wines and deli products to enjoy while you take the opportunity to view some art or take part in a life drawing class. Artisan Space is open from 12-8pm daily, and private views and life classes are available until 10pm. Life drawing classes take place weekly on Wednesdays from 7-9pm - check out and for more information.

Dyson Gallery Royal College of Art, SW11 4AN
Salma Nassef

Battersea/Nine Elms


A collection of pieces, exploring different creative narratives and techniques. Nassef's canvas piece is inspired by a love of drawing faces in abstract form, which is why she has painted her family onto a fabric canvas.

She will also display a music video, which showcases a first attempt at special effects and editing inspired by dance music. She has also created a piece inspired by nature, whereby organic materials are preserved in resin, PVA glue and plastic pockets. Both of the handmade dresses were inspired by flowers and patterns in nature; each dress was made using different techniques and decorated using different methods, including lino printing and hand embroidery, her favourite technique.

Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, SW11 4AN
Julia Matcham Prints

Battersea/Nine Elms


Landscapes reflecting Julia's experiences in Italy and elsewhere. Editioned smallish, original ink-jet prints, larger screen prints and etchings.

124 Chatham Road, SW11 6HH

Battersea/Nine Elms


Felicity Prazak uses an abundance of daring colour to depict awakening landscapes that are bounded in precision.

67a Warriner Gardens, SW11 4DX
Pietra Galli

Battersea/Nine Elms


Pietra Galli (b.1996, Brazil/Portugal) is a multimedia artist based in London. She's a graduate from BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, and has a diverse set of skills and interests in moving image, photography, critical writing, ceramics and book making.

Her work rethinks ideas of subjectivity and individuality in a time of intense information consumption and accelerated communication. Debating the notion of information as a clear and accurate language, she uses it in fictional investigations to produce installations containing film, sculpture and sound. Works are often followed by a publication.

By using these different elements, she aims to shape places where a sensorial language is highlighted and misunderstandings are created.

Dyson Gallery Royal College of Art, SW11 4AN