OPEN HOUSES 2019 - sculpture

Woodcarvings by Tom Samuel



Exhibiting never-before-seen tableware in wood, exquisitely carved with classical virtuosity and a contemporary twist. Creations include boxes, dishes, breadboards, bowls, all turned and carved in the traditional manner with a treadle lathe and handsaws.

17 Lifford Street, SW15 1NY
Ken McCalla



Since completing a Fine Arts BA degree in 1984 at Central School of Art and Design I’ve looked to improve my skill in visual communication. I use a wide range of mediums to create art that opens up and excites an audience with ideas based on energies uniting. Drawing on my rich cultural heritage, my artwork explores personal growth and celebrates harmony. Visit my website ( to view more artworks and for more information.

13 Letchworth Street, SW17 8SX
Kim Winter: Flextiles



Kim Winter of Flextiles loves to echo structures and processes from nature in her art, from the mathematical basis for a spiral shell to the chemistry of leaf prints on fabric. She finds the alchemy of transforming fluffy sheep’s fleece into a robust felt sculpture, or using plant material to transform a silk scarf or weave into an organic form, endlessly fascinating.

Living in a city offers plenty of opportunities to observe the interaction between urban life and nature, providing inspiration and sometimes materials for Kim's practice. Nature is often ephemeral, but she relishes trying to capture its essence in a more permanent form in her work.

46 Drakefield Road, SW17 8RP
Tony Gant Pottery

Southfields/Wandsworth Town


Tony has been making stoneware pottery since 1961 and was recently made an honorary fellow of the Craft Potters Association. Each pot is individually made, mainly on the wheel. We formulate our own clay bodies using Devon ball clays, and glazes from basic raw materials. Firing in a gas kiln of our own design takes 17 hours to reach a temperature in excess of 1240°c. Cooling takes two days. Visitors can see the pottery studio and kilns as well as a selection of ceramic objects and pieces of pottery that Tony has collected over the years. A full range of Tony's pottery and also bronze castings from original works by Janet are available to purchase.

14 Combemartin Road, SW18 5PR
Pietra Galli

Battersea/Nine Elms


Pietra Galli (b.1996, Brazil/Portugal) is a multimedia artist based in London. She's a graduate from BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, and has a diverse set of skills and interests in moving image, photography, critical writing, ceramics and book making.

Her work rethinks ideas of subjectivity and individuality in a time of intense information consumption and accelerated communication. Debating the notion of information as a clear and accurate language, she uses it in fictional investigations to produce installations containing film, sculpture and sound. Works are often followed by a publication.

By using these different elements, she aims to shape places where a sensorial language is highlighted and misunderstandings are created.

Dyson Gallery Royal College of Art, SW11 4AN
Sculpture by Matthew Shaw



Garden exhibition of sculpture in stone, wood and other media made by the artist Matthew Shaw.

25 Charlwood Road, SW15 1QA
Sophie Marsham



Sculptures from found objects.

5 Keswick Road, SW15 2HL
Naked Ape (Jules Bleckman)



I have been fascinated recently with the difference between us and our close ancestor the chimpanzee, how animalistic humans are and why we think we are more than just animal – the stories we tell ourselves to make us feel superior. I like the idea that the main difference between us is how much we can dread and depressingly question our existence rather than live in the moment.

My main theme is escapism and, in my belief, a modern addiction to escaping: how the simulation of life is more pleasant than the reality. In this I took inspiration from the ideas of Jean Baudrillard, particularly in simulacra and simulations. I was also inspired by Mark Fisher's ideas about the stalling of the future, technology and the concepts of nostalgia — in particular 1980s nostalgia — and how we prefer to look back rather than forward.

I want to look at the mundane side of life such as working a 9-5 job, and how we do this just to be able to afford to escape, i.e buy a new TV, and take this concept from the American dream and the rise of capitalism and consumerism, especially.

I thought the print of the chimp figure trying to meditate was a particularly interesting concept and a contemporary idea worth investigating. In this work I look at the figure meditating as another form of escape for the chimp (just like avoiding work and watching TV). Misguided spirituality is more and more of an issue nowadays. I seek to contrast all this with the fact that we are just evolved monkeys and that makes all these ideas and thoughts seem quite ridiculous, which I find pretty funny.

Artisan Space, 195 Lower Richmond Road , SW15 1HJ
Sue Derbyshire and Patrick Warren

Southfields/Wandsworth Town


Two artists working in a variety of mediums.

7 St Ann's Crescent, SW18 2ND
Putney School of Art and Design



Local artists exhibiting: 11am—5pm.

Free pottery, drawing and printmaking workshops: 1—4pm. All welcome including families. No need to book, just turn up!

Café open on the top floor for drinks and cake: 11am—3pm.

Open on Sundays only.

Putney School of Art and Design, Oxford Road, SW15 2LQ
Marcelo Barbosa

Southfields/Wandsworth Town


A designer and maker who celebrates the home. Specialising in restoring vintage objects and creating unique one-off pieces by commission.

Flat 2, 45 Earlsfield Road, SW18 3DB
Artists at The Cottage



Sally Scott, paintings; Christine Savage, jewellery; Kate Guy, prints/textiles; David Henderson, ceramics; Gilbert Whyman, sculpture.

The Cottage, Cambalt Road, SW15 6EW
Cliff Pearcey

Southfields/Wandsworth Town


I make art from found objects, mainly in wood. It's a type of recycling that gives things a new lease of life beyond their original intended purpose or function. What I make depends on what I find. It's like letting shapes speak for themselves and then seeing how to respond and create something new and different.

1 Granville Road, SW18 5SB