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Valerie Taylor, Bob Read, Ann Funston, Ann Sohn Rethel

ANN SOHN RETHEL makes pots for people to use in their daily lives. Using Chinese brushes, she decorates red earthenware with elements inspired by the natural world, such as butterflies and dragonflies or details of natural patterns and forms, although not always necessarily realistic. "I like the finished pot to retain the feel of the clay from which it was made. And I like the combination of conscious design and randomness, to which the art of making pots lends itself."

ANN FUNSTON's love of glass began with creating stained glass panels that often emulate landscape elements, many examples of which may be seen in this house. Of late she has been producing dishes and tiles using fused and slumped glass techniques. As can also be seen in her watercolours, colour is her joy and her strength. VALERIE TAYLOR paints mainly with water-based paints and charcoal, revelling in the broad sweeps of landscape (or lines of the human form), working as much as possible from drawings and sketches made in the open air. Having worked a lot in Cornwall and Wales of late, she has this year been concentrating on projects inspired by Herefordshire and the Yorkshire Dales. Training has been lifelong and somewhat haphazard, using Adult Education facilities such as Folkestone Art Centre, St. Ives School of Painting and Morley College.

Apart from two years living on a Scottish Island, Battersea-born BOB READ has always lived in South London, and has drawn inspiration from both worlds. He left a career in commercial architecture to study art at Chelsea School of Art and Kingston College. Working across a range of media and scales, his paintings explore colour, space and atmosphere. He has always maintained an interest in mark-making and the language of painting. His personal expression has derived from years spent drawing straight lines in architecture, both as reaction to the rational and in appreciation of structural forms. Consequently, subject matter tends towards ambiguity with an embedded sense of logic as the content attempts to uncover the internal and the subconscious.

There will also be cards by Jess Davies for sale.

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