Battersea/Nine Elms

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Sam Cottington

Sam's practice involves processes of visual and archival research that are contextualised in relationship to histories of collage and assemblage. Sam collages across various mediums and techniques to explore the complex critical moods and specificities of queer, its pasts and present, in order to afford alternative futures and ways of living.

The series of works shown at WAOH is titled ‘Lovers’, which refers to the shifting language used to describe queer intimacies and public identities in the 1970s at intersection with anti-capitalist ways of living. The terms ‘lover’ and ‘lovers’ emerged as critical alternatives to gender normative and conservative notions of boyfriends/ girlfriends, husbands/wives.

Sam's collages explore how archives afford and represent historical intimacies, while attempting to afford the fluidity and experimentation of 70s sexualities sensorially.

Dyson Gallery Royal College of Art
1 Hester Road
SW11 4AN


Ceramics Digital Drawing Glass Giclee Installation Jewellery Mixed Media

Mosaics Painting Performance Photography Prints Sculpture Textiles Video