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Naked Ape (Jules Bleckman)

I have been fascinated recently with the difference between us and our close ancestor the chimpanzee, how animalistic humans are and why we think we are more than just animal – the stories we tell ourselves to make us feel superior. I like the idea that the main difference between us is how much we can dread and depressingly question our existence rather than live in the moment.

My main theme is escapism and, in my belief, a modern addiction to escaping: how the simulation of life is more pleasant than the reality. In this I took inspiration from the ideas of Jean Baudrillard, particularly in simulacra and simulations. I was also inspired by Mark Fisher's ideas about the stalling of the future, technology and the concepts of nostalgia — in particular 1980s nostalgia — and how we prefer to look back rather than forward.

I want to look at the mundane side of life such as working a 9-5 job, and how we do this just to be able to afford to escape, i.e buy a new TV, and take this concept from the American dream and the rise of capitalism and consumerism, especially.

I thought the print of the chimp figure trying to meditate was a particularly interesting concept and a contemporary idea worth investigating. In this work I look at the figure meditating as another form of escape for the chimp (just like avoiding work and watching TV). Misguided spirituality is more and more of an issue nowadays. I seek to contrast all this with the fact that we are just evolved monkeys and that makes all these ideas and thoughts seem quite ridiculous, which I find pretty funny.

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