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Intimate Traces – Kelly Mosquera

A series that depicts the emergence of alter egos within music artists like Jhene Aiko and Jermaine Cole. The study of the two is the foundation of the subject topic, where I begin to explore the reasoning behind the existence of alter egos and how they are used in extending themselves rather than in replacement of themselves.

Looking at lyricism has been crucial in trying to create the sound pictures these music artists paint for us. My work returns to what it once was, a form of self-expression, the same way music holds its value too. Social attitudes also hold a purpose in my work with such lack of appreciation and attention music is given in depth.

Michelangelo and Bill Viola are a major influence in exploring such sensitive aspects of life and projecting these through intimate drawings, film and projections. Roberto Ferri’s influence comes from his strong references and symbols within his paintings.

I am considering the delicacy of graphite on paper, removing the idea of impermanence, along with sculpture, and the intimate connection held between the maker and sitter. As well how sculptures/statues made from stone become delicate, there lays a sense of time with consideration to the process of works by hand.

Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art,
1 Hester Road
SW11 4AN


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