Host an Artist

Are you an artist looking to share your venue and broaden your offer to visitors, or a local home- or business-owner looking to host an artist? Listed below, we have a number of artists without their own space to showcase their work, who you may be interested in hosting. Keep your eyes peeled to this page, as it will be updated with new artists throughout the registration period.

Alternatively please email and we can list your potential venue for free on the Artists Seeking Venues page.

Rebecca Yates


Painting, Prints (artist made limited editions)


I paint bold, abstract art which is full of colour. I have always been obsessed with colour - and i love the way it can change the way we feel and be an expression of ourselves. Through my work i want to create paintings which can be experienced, loved and most importantly become an important part of someones home. I paint intuitively, never planning my work and simply let the paintbrush guide me.


My canvas sizes tend to be around the size of 60x42cm, 80x60cm, 100x50cm. I do have one painting which is 100x100cm size but if there isn't room i can be flexible. Any wall space to hang things would be great but i am happy to improvise. I also have some smaller prints with i sell (A4 - A3 size) so a bit of self space so that i could display those would be great.