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Are you an artist looking to share your venue and broaden your offer to visitors, or a local home- or business-owner looking to host an artist? Listed below, we have a number of artists without their own space to showcase their work, who you may be interested in hosting. Keep your eyes peeled to this page, as it will be updated with new artists throughout the registration period.

Alternatively please email and we can list your potential venue for free on the Artists Seeking Venues page.





Hello I'm Louis Morel. Due to suffering from severe sensory processing problems to the degree that I can't leave the house without being in immense pain. It hurts like hell to go to any new places or see any new people so instead I go to new places and meet new people in my head and that's where my drawings come from. I might never be able to visit places like the Grand Canyon or the Niagra Falls but at least I can go to a version of it in my head and make it bright pink and covered in cats! I am currently a Youth Patron for Ambitious About Autism which is a charity that is trying to help people like me and I amdonating fifty percent of the profits from sales of my pictures and my latest book, to this UK charity. It is hopefully a way for me to give back and help other people like me.


Wall space, largest images 90 x 90, more information to follow.