Framed: Tooting

Wandsworth is home to a thriving creative community of artists, designers and makers.

This exhibition of artworks by 16 Tooting-based artists, installed on lamppost banners on Tooting High Street and Upper Tooting Road, celebrates the vibrancy, optimism and resilience of Wandsworth as we return to our high streets after lockdown.

Framed: Tooting artists

The works showcase the space, breath and light that can be found across the borough in its green spaces and town centres.

Artists featured: Amanda Blunden, Anastasia Scudamore, Andrew Gibson, Anuj Kumar, Asanka Lekamalage, Beca Samura, Carlos Gabriel González Guidote, Chanelle Beaumont, Ken McCalla, Lasmin Salmon, Robert Schofield, Robin Smith, Rose Long, Sally Booth, Sally McArthur, and South Island Art (Rowana Mallett).