Everyday landmarks

Over the past few months, many of us have been spending more and more time in our homes and local neighbourhoods.  RCA student and Wandsworth resident Abhaya Rajani (MA Print) has created ‘Everyday landmarks‘ to encourage other Wandsworth residents to explore, rediscover and celebrate the familiar places and everyday objects that make the rooms, streets, and parks where we spend our days so special.  

Discover your everyday landmarks

Get inspired by the places, people and objects that you encounter everyday and celebrate the wonders of the world on your doorstep – or even at your kitchen table!  All you need to get  started is a few minutes to look out your window or take a walk around your neighbourhood.   

1. Go for a walk or look through your window. You can use this map to locate yourself and make a mark of where you are.

2.  As you explore, notice the familiar objects that you encounter.

    • Do you have a favourite tree or bench you like to visit or can see from your window?
    • Can you see any animals or insects?
    • Do planes or boats pass by your house?
    • What bus routes run near your house?
    • Is there a corner shop or cafe you always go to? 
    • Is there a tea cup you always like to use?

3. On the map, add marks and the respective numbers according to the location of the objects that you encounter.  It doesn’t have to be accurate, go with your intuition.

Mark the map

4. When you are finished exploring and marking the locations of your objects, take an A4 size piece of paper and trace four circles using a glass or mug. Number each circle and think back to the objects you noticed on your journey.

5.  Draw, scribble, or collage your first everyday landmark in the circle.  Remember your drawings or images don’t have to be perfect – make sure you are having fun!  Continue with as many local landmarks as you would like to include in your collection.

6.  Once you have finished creating your everyday landmarks, you can add your collection of objects to the map in the locations you marked.  Make it your own by adding a title, colours or shapes – be as creative as you like!

Abhaya’s everyday landmarks 

Abhaya's objects

Share your discoveries

We want to celebrate your everyday landmarks and the objects that make your house, street and neighbourhood so special.

Throughout October we will be collecting and sharing your everyday landmarks.

You can share your sketches, drawings, scribbles, collages or photographs of your everyday landmarks by emailing them as a digital attachment to [email protected].  Share what you made and tell us where you can find your landmark and why you chose it.


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