Bounce Theatre x Wandsworth Art is live!

Bounce Theatre is excited to be working with Wandsworth Council to close the ten days of digital Wandsworth Art. Our activities are inspired by StoryClub – a project we formed during lockdown to provide ideas on staying creative at home. As the 10th October is also World Mental Health Day, we are thinking about different activities which are good for our well-being. 

BHM ZINE – A StoryClub especially for Wandsworth 

Bounce Theatre was delighted to be asked to make a special StoryClub for Wandsworth this month. This issue explores Black History Month. We decided to focus on some of the black British artists shaping our stories and communities with their work since the 1980s. Have a read and make some art inspired by their achievements. Take up creative challenges inspired by famous artists, activists, politicians, and sports stars. Plus, you are invited to design an event to celebrate Black History Month in Wandsworth in the years ahead. 


We live in a big, beautiful, and diverse world. Take the S.M.I.L.E challenge, set by artist Adekunle Kay Rufai. 

You can find out more about the S.M.I.L.E project here.


Kandy Rohmann is an actress and a yoga teacher. Watch these videos and pick up some top tips for breathing – to help you relax, unwind, and calm your thoughts to get creative! This is a great one for the whole family!  


Fancy writing a poem but don’t know where to start? Katie is here with some help. Watch her video and then find a comfortable place to write your poem. You could sit by a window and look at the natural habitats outside. Maybe you’ll take a walk to get some inspiration. You could write your poem, draw it or even record it to camera. We’d love to hear your thoughts on climate change! Watch the video and read Katie’s poem for inspiration. 


Collagism is a collage artist who has exhibited her work all around the world. She makes all the front covers for StoryClub. Here she’s sharing her wise words for creating a piece of visual art. You can watch the video and then read one of the StoryClub zines to make your own piece of Collagism style art. 

You can find the StoryClub zine here.