ARTxSCIENCE digital exhibits brings together scientists and artists from the Centre for Doctoral Training in Smart Medical Imaging and the Royal College of Art to explore the ways science and technology are revolutionising modern medicine and shaping the future of healthcare. 

Scientists and artists from each institution have paired up to create interactive online exhibitions, which invite visitors to explore and shape cutting edge scientific research into medical imaging. 

Play with sound and light to learn about the potential of ultrasound to quickly and accurately diagnose stroke in Ultra; and explore the potential of artificial intelligence to transform the future of healthcare in Artificial Intelligence.  

In addition to exploring cutting edge-research, ARTxSCIENCE asks visitors to weigh in on the moral and ethical questions arising from new technologies.  

A programme of live events will run until December 2020. Look out for further detail on

Simulated vessel, Beth Hadfield 


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