Wandsworth Art Markets 2023

In partnership with Citizen’s Art London, Wandsworth Council ran a series of art markets across the borough over the first weekend of the Easter holidays in 2023. 

A weekend of art stalls and creative workshops

On Sat 1 – Sun 2 April 2023, Wandsworth Art Markets popped up in New Union Square (Nine Elms), St Mary’s Church yard (Putney) and All Saints Church (Tooting), from 1pm – 5pm. 

The result was a festival of art and culture for those that live, work and study in Wandsworth and, for artists and makers, an opportunity to show and sell their work, connect with fellow creatives, and develop their practice. 

Find out about the free creative workshops that happened alongside the Wandsworth Art Markets here.

Discover all 62 artists who participated below.

All Saints Church, Tooting

The beautiful community hub All Saints Tooting hosted artist stalls and workshops on the green on Saturday and Sunday.

Find them here.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams Amy studied Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University gaining a First-Class Honours degree she went on to complete an MA at Goldsmiths. and has since started her business as a freelance photographer. Her work has been published in Time Out, used for advertising campaigns and has been exhibited in a number of London Galleries. She captures the essence of people and places intuitively, evoking wonder, delight and fascination.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Helen Brownlees

I make small functional ceramics from my home studio in SW London mainly from porcelain. Each piece is unique and handmade and designed by me. prices start at £15 max price is £50 average price is £22

Trading Sat & Sun

Consuelo Celluzzi

I make and sell on Etsy both craft-kits and greeting cards. I also run workshops in local pubs and bars in the Balham/Tooting area. One of the main goals of my business is to get more people into arts & craft for it can be an excellent antidote to stress. Art, painting and expressing oneself through the creation of an artefact, puts the mind in a similar state to meditation and this has saved my mental health on many occasions in the past.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Paul-Emmet Costelloe

The bright flat colours, bold shapes and the elimination of perspective that typify Paul-Emmet Costelloe’s unique and distinctive work are a reaction to, and consequence of, his upbringing in rural Ireland. Paul’s contemporary, abstract cubist style demonstrates his aversion to and reaction against the verdant countryside and depth in the vistas of his homeland.

Trading Sat

Urban Faerie

“We are a Tooting based creative team of wife and husband who sell the following products: - Handmade Deluxe, Organics and Curiosity Jewellery Gifts for the curious and wondrous kind and - A unique mix of handmade Comics, Illustrations, Pillow Cases and T-Shirts which range from the fantastic to the disturbed!”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Sarah-Jane Foster

Peckish Goose is quintessentially British homeware designed after our own two bunny rabbits Phoenix and Jemima, along with their animal friends, like Percy the Pigeon. Just a single mum and son who wanted to bring charm and innocence back into people’s homes from art, animals and British style singing with talking penguins.

Trading Sat & Sun

Oya Horani

Studio Qualia is an idea, design, and craft studio, based in London. It is a creative space dedicated to making unique, functional, gorgeous handmade ceramics. We specialise in producing artisanal dinnerware and unique home decor objects, which bring our multi-faceted and fluid inspiration into daily life, with effortless beauty and authentic expression. Every piece is uniquely designed and made by us at Studio Qualia.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Margo Random

I enjoy making work that is colourful and abstracted; to get to the essence of the subject. I am increasingly drawn to stillife (perhaps since covid!) using a variety of techniques including oil painting, watercolour, printmaking and collage. average price will be £150

Trading Sat & Sun

Jane Richards

My pottery is thrown on the wheel in porcelain and stoneware clays. I make bowls, bottles, mugs, jugs and vases which I decorate with surface texture, coloured slips and Chinese glazes. My pieces are priced between £15 and £40.

Trading Sat & Sun

Genny Rowson

Genny (Gentangle Designs) produces illustrations based on a method called Zentangle. This involves creating designs through patterns and shapes and it is a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful imagery. Genny's illustrations are available as high-quality prints, greeting cards and homeware products such as coasters, placemats and cushions.

Trading: Sat

Rob Schofield

Robert Schofield is a figurative artist reflecting the beauty of creation in his large, colourful, oil paintings of fruit and vegetables that delight in repeating shape and form. Robert works out of a purpose-built studio/shed in the bottom of his garden in Tooting.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Faith Sewell

“I create tufted rugs and wall pieces, with aims of creating 3D tufted pieces in the future also. I take commissions and welcome ideas and suggestions from clients. The average price of my work varies as it is dependent on a range of variables, so I can be flexible with regards to price point. Starting from around £45, and ranging anywhere up to £500+.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Peter Solari

My artworks try to capture the light, atmosphere and power of our environment. From gritty realist black and white photography to representing the beauty of the landscape around us in a variety of materials, I try to create imagery that resonates with the viewer, works that people can identify with in some way.

Trading Sat & Sun

Krystal Wong

Krystal Wong is an illustrator, graphic designer and artist born and bred in London. She is known for creating colourfully bold and playful works depicting memories of growing up in South London. Pulling inspiration from her childhood surroundings and vivid colours found in life and nature; Krystal’s pieces create an environment of sweet nostalgia for the viewer. Limited edition giclée prints, paintings and gifts are available upon request.

Trading: Sat

Emily Wright

Emily Wright is an artist and Architectural Designer based in Battersea. She paints predominantly with watercolours, in a variety of subjects including landscapes, botanicals, and portraits. Much of her work is inspired by her love of the natural world, and her recent paintings include a series of abstract landscapes and seascapes inspired by real and imagined natural environments.

Trading Sat & Sun

Lynn Selwyn-Reeves

Furzedown Art Studio is a husband and wife team of artists and photographers. Our work includes many local influences and we produce cards and a gift range based on our creative designs.

Trading Sat & Sun

New Union Square, Nine Elms

Close to the river, the new U.S. Embassy, New Covent Garden Market and Battersea Power Station, market goers had the chance to take in the markets and creative workshops at New Union Square as part of a tour of Nine Elms‘ developing cultural neighbourhood.

Find it here.

Danai Batskou

DO by Danai Batskou | Multidisciplinary Art to inspire others to make & DO. Communicating through imagery and storytelling. The designs are reflective stories, dreams and memories to inspire and motivate. Greeting Cards | Wall Art | Scarves | Products.

Trading: Sat

Gabriel Corcuera Zubillaga

“My work is based on observation of the world around me with a strong emphasis on the female figure and nature. Prices vary from £50 to £2000. I sometimes accept portrait commissions.”

Trading: Sat

Tim Cunliffe

Tim Cunliffe is a London based artist who has been designing and making stained glass for over thirty years. His work unites the ancient tradition of mediaeval stained glass with a fresh contemporary approach often focusing on animal imagery.

He draws inspiration from the energy of animals and their depiction in ancient and mediaeval cultures. Drawing has always been essential to his practice.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Lucinda Denning

Bright figurative paintings of figures and faces. Lucinda's work ranges from portraits to historical inventions. Mainly Gouache on paper. Framed and unframed and some smaller oil paintings.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Ana De Sousa

“I am an artist and I make collages with magazine clippings and I use acrylic to paint.”

Trading: Sat

Nicholas Gentilli

“I have been an architectural photographer all my working life. Places and spaces interest and fascinate me. As an artist, I make fine art photography prints that are for sale in my online gallery. My work explores both the power of the single image and the rhythm and opportunity achieved through constructed images. Lately I have been exploring film.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Linaka Greensword

Linaka Greensword is a Wandsworth-based artist and designer. She trained in Graphic Design at St Francis Xavier's College before going on to complete her Architecture BSc degree at University of East London. She is currently a design leader for a global engineering company. She works predominantly with digital art but also works in traditional mediums. She is a visual communicator and aims to instigate change through visual mediums.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Tipperley Hill

Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill, work simultaneously together to create animal illustrations, florals and landscapes. They are passionate about colour and how powerful it can be to lift your mood and build a happy space. Their quirky animal prints can be personalised by hand in brush pen calligraphy. They also sell a wide range of humorous greetings cards for every occasion.

Trading: Sun


Hilaire grew up in Melbourne and lives in Battersea. Her project found ~ flow ~ flux was commissioned by Wandsworth Council. The resulting booklet presents poems created by local residents from words and phrases found on walks around the Nine Elms area. The poems form a poetic snapshot of Nine Elms in 2022. Hilaire is co- author with Joolz Sparkes of the poetry collection London Undercurrents (Holland Park Press, 2019).

Trading: Sat

Terry Kavanagh

“I have lived in South London all my life, having been born here in 1960. Originally a Maintenance Technician, I later studied Fine Art (B.A) at Roehampton College (1999), and Print-making (M.A) at Camberwell College (2002).

Some of my life portraits and sculpted figures are drawn from observations in bars and public places. These are often an exploration of alienation in people's lives. It is sometimes easier to study isolated characters."

Trading: Sat & Sun

Abigail Lipski

“My work often references the natural world with a playful utopian imagining of landscape and its inhabitants.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Consuela Lewinson

“I am a south London based artist and my creative work is a combination of pen and ink, printmaking and mixed media. When I'm creating it is an escape, my time to totally switch off and not over think the process. Allowing my mind to roam and create visually appealing pieces. My process of creating has changed since the pandemic, as much as I no longer have an expectation of a finished piece. Now I am happy to allow colour, shape and flow to just happen.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Ella Manongdo

I’m Ella from Ellabel Art, a self-taught illustrator from Australia, living in Nine Elms, London. My work has a whimsical, dream-like element to them, embedded in urban sketches, natural landscapes and fantasy creatures.I specialise in detailed drawing with simple black pens and sell limited edition prints of my original sketchbook from £20-£30 each. I hope you enjoy my drawings as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Trading Sat & Sun

Clare May Martin

Hello! I am a full time artist based at Wimbledon Art Studios. My practice is painting abstract paintings and at christmas time I hand paint individual abstract baubles. They are little paintings on a bauble. The Baubles are handmade ceramics finished with a black velvet ribbon. The Cost for one is £25, I have a limited edition of guided silver and gold leaf baubles that I sell for £45.

Trading Sat & Sun

Svetlana Morbini

“Painting from a desire to create an emotional experience, I believe in the power of art to make us feel uplifted and inspired. I find my source of inspiration in nature as a creator of unique textures and mediums, from acrylics to coloured pencils playing with hues and textures. My signature thick impasto style features abstract shapes and impressionistic flowers, giving the viewers colours they can touch. My price range is between £100 and £600.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Dan Naylor

“I am a Wandsworth based artist, working entirely en plein air as an oil painter. This means I'm always out and about in the local area painting scenes people will recognise - I tend to paint everyday type scenes, often behind a backdrop of street life detritus - roadworks, bins, construction sites! I want to place the scenes in a period of time, making things you normally overlook seem interesting and attractive.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Anna Proctor

“I am an abstract artist working in Battersea. My work is highly textured and layered, exploring colour relationships. My intention is to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Some works are very tranquil whilst others are vibrant and stimulating. My medium varies between oils and mixed media and is largely on canvas, with some pieces on board. I undertake commissions as well as developing my personal work.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Felicity Prazak

Felicity Prazak is a visual artist who thrives on community projects and involving local residents in her creative artworks so that they can benefit from the creative process and help nurture a love of art.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Hernan Reinoso

“I am a self-taught artist from Argentina but now live in the wonderful city of London. Hearts of London initially started out based on an idea around framed hearts for Valentine's Day but has since grown to cover a multitude of designs inspired by all things London and beyond. I love experimenting with bright colours and recycled materials like paper, aluminium cans and others.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Monica Tong

Having lived in Australasia, the US, and now calling Wandsworth home, Monica’s creative process has always been influenced by the culture and nature of places she has lived in and you will find those traces in her functional wares.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Huan Wang

Our work is always associated with the modern city, thinking about relationships and narrating memory in a way of photography and craft making. Recent projects include the compilation of photo albums and handicrafts for the London city roaming experience and recalling the memory of China's hometown.

Trading: Sat & Sun

St Mary's churchyard, Putney

Our biggest weekend market days was located in the beating heart of Putney town centre at St Mary’s Church, where locals often find Saturday markets selling everything from vintage and antiques to street food!

Find it here.

Jane Bain

Jane Bain is an artist and printmaker Inspired by all around her and her work is an eclectic mix of nature, fruit and memories. From her London garden with its birds, insects and plants; produce from local farmers markets and supermarkets; china cups, ginger jars and an array of curios collected over the years; these are the things that shape her work.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Alanna Eakin

Alanna Eakin (b.1988) is an emerging British painter currently living and working in London. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s London.

Alanna has shown work in several exhibitions and art fairs in London and nationwide. Her work is constantly evolving. Alanna's work is concerned with themes of nature, escapism and nostalgia. She has a particular interest in colour, light and abstract mark making.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Tracey English

“I am an illustrator and surface pattern artist who loves to create her images by snipping them out of hand coloured paper. I produce designs for licensing products and have an online Etsy shop selling some of my home grown products. I also have run a couple of online and in person workshops.”

Trading: Sat

Larissa Exalto

“Hello, my name is Larissa and I am originally from Ukraine. I have taught myself how to paint with oils on canvases in London and have had an exhibition in London in 2010 - all details can be found on my website.

I mainly work on developing different techniques, experimenting with oils in order to create what I call ‘textured floating oils‘. Paining is my biggest passion, as well as a hobby."

Trading: Sat & Sun

Louise Gillard

“I paint the commons, parks, streets and bridges of London, and can often be seen painting out in Battersea and along the Thames, whatever the weather. I have exhibited widely in London and have paintings in many homes in Wandsworth.”

Trading: Sun

Yasmin Grant

“I am a proudly self-taught abstract painter from London. I have always been very creative and rediscovered this during the Covid times. Since then, I have attended exhibitions/art fairs and sold a few of my paintings. I now work from my studio in Wimbledon, the best thing I have ever done, as I thoroughly enjoy creating. My work includes different colourful abstract paintings on canvas, wood, and paper. "

Trading: Sat & Sun

Sherry Gu

“I'm a Chinese painting artist that also makes watercolour, screen printing and etching works.”

Trading: Sun

Becky Hobden

“I create and screen print all of my artwork at Putney School of art. Each piece has a low edition limit of around 10-15 pieces. I make it bright, uplifting and fun! The price of each piece is around £45 unframed and £75 framed - all the artwork is designed to fit standard sized frames.”

Trading: Sat

Dan Hodges

“I find inspiration in everyday sights and familiar places in and around Wandsworth. My paintings are acrylic on canvas, often including signs, graphics, bold colours and elements of humour.”

Trading: Sun

Stephanie Howard

“I'm a digital designer and pet portrait artist. I create custom pet portraits and also host live dog drawing sessions. On top of that I also have a range of animal greeting cards.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Rachel Hunt

Rachel is a qualified architect. She worked in practice for a number of years before embarking upon a career in illustration after being shortlisted for the Serco Prize for Illustration in 2014. Since then, her work has been featured in various publications, including the official Tower Bridge guidebook, and is sold in a selection of independent galleries. Rachel’s background in architecture has influenced her artistic style and subject matter.

Trading: Sun

Martin Ireland

“I am a Battersea based artist who has a studio at Delta Studios, Earlsfield. I observe my surroundings and what people get up to every day, whether they're swimming, cycling or enjoying their surroundings.”

Trading: Sun

Karan Kalha

“Through the medium of drawing and painting, I attempt to recreate the fleeting images that form on the reflective surface of my mind when the light of the exterior world shines through. My work has no titles and aims to push the viewer past surface first impressions. A medium does not bind me, the route is not pre planned but there is an intuitive compass that guides me."

Trading: St Mary’s Sat & Nine Elms Sun

Bergina Leka

“I am a fine art photographer focused on showing the emotions through my art. I use photography as a visual language and I believe that photography can open new ways to learn more about our personal feelings and emotions.

I also offer limited copies of my work - each collection offers a maximum of 20 copies and I also currently teach photography classes, and aim to teach not only the basics in photography but how to speak with the images.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Adrian Monroy

Hi, I'm Adrian Monroy, a designer and illustrator living in Wandsworth. My Dinofriday project is about making kids and dinosaur lovers of any age smile by giving them the confidence to draw happy dinosaurs – in 5 simple steps. At the market, I’ll have a wide variety of different prints, postcards, calendars, tote bags and on-demand organic t-shirts and jumpers on offer to visitors.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

James Moorhouse

“My works are from a variety of influences. I particularly like light, translucence, water, energy and reflections. I am self-taught and work in acrylic on fine cotton canvas and have held fiv solo exhibitions in the last 10 years. I also take commissions (particularly pet dogs)”

Trading: Sat

Alice Morgan

“Art dominated in our household growing up, so my interest probably began before I could talk. Now, I’m a digital marketing professional and – while I love my job – I acknowledge I have a serious art habit on the side. I spent years not having the time to devote to art and the turning point came about ten years ago when I enrolled at Putney School of Art and Design, deciding to learn etching. I never looked back. "

Trading: Sat

Sim Neoh

Full time landscape painter in oil and watercolour. Mainly local and Central London scenes.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Gordon Render

“My work is mostly derived from my own photographs and my reaction to iconic images of all kinds. With a lot of my work, I limit my palette to just the four colours used in printing (CMYK): cyan, magenta, yellow and key black.

My work varies from 2 metres square to A2 sized paper. My paper works often have the "look" of prints but they are all original, hand painted. I call them a "Limited Edition of 1"."

Trading: Sat & Sun

Emma Sutton

Emma Sutton is a local artist who depicts still life and animals in oils, charcoal and watercolour pencils. She has a variety of paintings, drawings, prints and postcards for sale.

Trading: Sat & Sun

Annette Warham

“I'm a Putney based Jewellery Designer, Professional Pearl Stringer and Part-Time Beadwork Tutor at Morley College. My work has graced the catwalk and a range of fashion magazines. The innate beauty of the gemstones and pearls I use influence my designs.”

Trading: Sat & Sun

Amy Williams

“I’m a Roehampton based artist who likes to dabble in a bit of everything. Pour art, alcohol art, wood burning and I also have a selection of decorative boxes for jewellery or keepsakes.”

Trading: Sat

Rosie Woods

Rosie Woods grew up in Northern Ireland and graduated in illustration from Central St Martins School of Art, London, where she now lives. She is an award winning illustrator working for publishing, design and advertising industries, including illustrating children's books. Her love of landscape has always inspired her illustrations.

Trading: Sun