Adapting, innovating and reimagining

Like artists, creators, designers and curators around the world, students and graduates of the Royal College of Art have had to adapt, innovate and reimagine their work during these most unprecedented of times.

Below you can find zoom presentations and discussions with RCA artists Matthew Dowell, Snynder Moreno Martin, and Abhaya Rajani on the ways they have adapted their creative practice and projects over the past few months in response to some of the challenges brought on by Covid-19.


Once I started to having to look at my work on a screen, its actually made new work in itself, rather than just being documents of old stuff.“- Matthew Dowell (MA Print)


“We are artists but in some way we are also alchemists in the sense that we change one materials into something and we can transform one emotion like fear or anxiety into freedom.  It is possible and art makes it possible.”  – Snyder Moreno Martin (MA Sculpture)


“I didn’t want to force myself to transform my practice completely, so I started finding alternatives like what I can do during this time when I am at home, so I started sketching.” – Abhaya Rajani (MA Print)


Zoom session

Tune into a roundtable zoom discussion of the challenges, opportunities and surprises encountered over the past few months, as well as advice and resources for other artists.


Apply to the RCA Mentoring scheme 

If you are an emerging artist based in Wandsworth aged 16-25 and are keen to get advice and support and advice to create your own digital exhibit you can apply for this year’s RCA mentoring scheme by  midnight on Sunday 11 October 2020.

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