Wandsworth Council presents Wandsworth Artists' Open House, a convenient and affordable annual exhibition opportunity for all creative makers in Wandsworth to show and sell work from their home or studio.

It's also a chance for everyday art lovers to take a rare glimpse behind the doors on their streets and see the hidden creative talent in their neighbourhood. A wide range of arts and crafts is there on your doorstep to be enjoyed in welcoming and unintimidating environments –  meet the artist, find out more about how the work was made, and buy from them personally.

Artists gain in experience - testing new work and developing their practise. They also benefit from getting connected with local networks of other creative makers – being part of something bigger and making new friends.

If you are an artist who would like to participate in this year's event please click here

If you would like to see the Open Houses that took part in 2016 see here.

Wandsworth Artists’ Open House is coordinated by Wandsworth Arts Team, part of Enable Leisure and Culture, on behalf of Wandsworth Council, as part of its arts and cultural development programme. The event is run in conjunction with steering committee of local artists. It’s a fantastic chance to see what happens inside the artist’s work environment and know more about their creative process.

For more information about the work of Wandsworth Arts Team call (020) 8871 8711 or visit enablelc.org/arts/about/

For more information about some of the local area networks see: