Wandsworth Arts & Culture Strategy

The Wandsworth Arts and Culture Strategy recognises the opportunities that exist for residents and visitors to engage with, experience and enjoy arts and culture. It is also a long-term, 10 year visioning document that expands on what is currently available and looks forward to a borough thriving with more arts and culture engagement opportunities that celebrates the diversity found within the borough, develops routes into creative careers and ensures access and availability to all residents so that they can start well, live well and age well.

Wandsworth historically has a rich cultural offer. Ranging from the hyper local – amateur dramatics, crafts, skateboard parks and pub music, to national and international arts and cultural institutions. Wandsworth prides itself on welcoming innovative organisations that have made the borough their home and further embed culture into our vibrant cultural ecology and the lives and homes of our residents.

The main aim of this strategy is to inspire, nurture and support all residents, communities, visitors and the creative ecology to:
• inform the council’s and cultural organisations thinking as to the cultural needs of the borough in 2030, specifically how they can make art and culture accessible to all, grow with the ambition of the borough and reflect the needs and opportunities of the residents.
• shape and influence the growth of borough’s cultural ecology and help the borough be a centre of innovation, creative employment and the arts on a global and hyper local scale
• support residents to develop/support their own cultural resources to meet specific needs, support stronger neighbourhoods and enhance community cohesion
• provide outlets for residents to develop their talent and create pathways into paid employment in the cultural sector
• to support residents to start well, live well and age well – using culture as means to improve residents’ health and well-being as well as raise aspirations and levels of educational attainment

Keep in touch!

Due to the current situation face to face conversations, local walks, door knocking, street art, sharing food and other more personal ways of connecting with Wandsworth residents has had to go on pauseIn the meantime, and as well as, we will be taking to social media and mail outs to also gather information – keep an eye on our social media channels for further information  


What are we doing?

As part of the investigation into priority areas we identified 9 areas that we explored in more detail with key arts and culture partners and stakeholders internally and externally this August. These echo Wandsworth’s current priorities for culture and the findings will feed directly into the Strategy.

For more information or to express interest in attending please send us an email to art@wandsworth.gov.uk

Arts and Culture Strategy Engagement

We have hosted various conversations on many themes with our cultural partners, stakeholders and local creatives. We worked with Royal College of Art students to take Visual Minutes during the meeting. You can read about the process and see the works made in this journal post.

We also commissioned artist, Elly Clarke, to visit and speak with various Wandsworth groups. She connected with 11 groups and spoke to local residents aged 6 – 85. She will be producing a series of posters / text pieces of feedback from the workshops she led.

Wandsworth’s What Next? Chapter have also been key to the initial direction of the Arts and Culture Strategy research and approach, as they helped guide the initial thinking and making sure we were asking the right questions.

The Wandsworth Art Service Youth Forum have also been key in helping shape our future visioning. As this will be a ten year Arts and Culture Strategy it has been very important for us to make sure the youth voice has been heard.